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Portfolio Home Loan

Looking for a quick and simple loan process? A portfolio home loan is a non-government loan product, which means less requirements, making it a great program if you are looking for a quicker and simplified loan process.


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  • An “advance” is a separate amount that is collected along with your scheduled mortgage payment for any expenditure that Vanderbilt paid on your behalf such as delinquent property taxes, lender placed insurance policies, etc. This is permitted by the terms of your mortgage and/or loan note.

  • All documents are mailed within 15 days of complete payoff being received.

  • The current principal balance is the amount still owed on the original amount financed without any interest or finance charges that are due. A payoff quote is the total amount owed to pay off the loan including any and all interest and/or finance charges. Payoff quotes are calculated to cover a 30-day period of calculated interest and/or finance charges. After that 30-day period a new quote is necessary for the correct amount required to pay off the loan.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Trying to plan what your payment may look like? Are you renting and want to compare your current rent to an estimated mortgage? We want to give you the tools to plan ahead by providing our Monthly Payment Calculator.

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